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Flatirons, Inc. Projects

Here’s just a few of our over 70,000 projects

Rocky Flats Closure, Jefferson County, Colorado

This IDIQ contract consisted of drainage channel construction, utility systems disposition, building demolition, and environmental remediation for a former US Department of Energy nuclear weapons production facility. The scope of the project was quite large and included creating a sitewide control network, corridor surveys of and construction of functional drainage channels, sample locating, site grading, locating utility lines, capping a landfill, constructing a dam, topographic surveying, preparing parcel and legal descriptions, drafting, and creating and updating a site Geographic Information System of survey data. Flatirons, Inc. prepared a full topographic survey utilizing both GPS and robotic total stations of five corridors for purposes of designing functional drainage channels. The channels were designed by site engineers and then laid out for construction by Flatirons, Inc., in addition to final as-built surveys and drafted deliverables. The scope of the topographic survey was primarily a 400-foot corridor with cross-sections done at a minimum of 25 foot intervals for approximately eight miles. Flatirons, Inc. was also responsible for building digital terrain models used for the purposes of site grading for final land configuration, as well as the disposition of utility lines for 36 systems. As these lines were tracked in the field, survey calculations were made using real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS systems to determine the necessity of disposition. The information was entered daily into a sitewide GIS for project managers to review using ArcIMS. The ability to review data in real time was essential for tracking project progress and maintaining constrained project schedules. This large project involved daily field work by six field crews, two draftsmen, a project manager, and survey manager. The complexity of tasks required daily meetings with project management, weekend work, long hours, and cohesive teamwork with multiple companies as well as local and federal agencies. The key to its success was effective project controls and real time reporting of progress. This functionality developed by Flatirons, Inc. for the Rocky Flats project allowed it to finish ahead of schedule and under budget. Since closure, Flatirons continues to work as the site surveyor under two subsequent contracts.

Anthem/Pulte Homes, Broomfield, Colorado

Flatirons was selected to be the site surveyor for this $500-million, 6-square-mile residential and commercial development, over a period of 5 years. The work included numerous topographic surveys, quality control, engineering design surveys, and 3-D deliverables under tight deadlines.

Early Stage Wind Energy Project - Southeastern Colorado

Flatirons was contracted to prepare ALTA surveys on a large proposed wind farm project in Baca County, Colorado, just west of Cimarron National Grasslands. It involved multi section breakdown, boundary analysis, location of improvements, preparation of ALTA surveys, research, and referencing the project to GIS/GNSS. The project site is rural farm and ranch land, dry rolling uplands with occasional gullies, sparsely populated and serviced by mostly dirt roads. The work for the survey involved extensive corner search and recovery, discussions with local landowners regarding parole evidence of section corner locations, research at the BLM, Colorado Department of Transportation, County offices and information from local surveyors. Very few monuments were found for this project and extensive reestablishment of section corners was done using local evidence including long-established roads, fence lines, occupation lines and parole evidence. ALTA surveys were prepared for the subject area (30 sections) and over 100 section corners and quarter corners were set and monument records prepared for this project. Other items of note on this survey were the inclusion of proposed wind turbine locations, calculations and reference to FAA height restrictions, georeferencing of aerial mapping to assist in recon and the preparation of the surveys, mapping of proposed interconnection power lines, possible substation locations, consideration of access issues for heavy equipment, consideration of crop rotation plans, consideration of wildlife and endangered species status and other concerns.

United States Forest Service - Cadastral Surveying Services - Fort Collins, Colorado

In 2009, Flatirons was contracted to provide Cadastral Surveying services for the United Sates Forest Service (USFS) Zone 2. Consisting of the Arapahoe, Roosevelt, Pike and San Isabel National Forests, as well as the Pawnee and Comanche National Grasslands, this area is essentially the Eastern half of the State of Colorado. Flatirons' role in this contract is the retracement and establishment of National Forest boundaries. Our projects have ranged in scope and budget with some being completed as quickly as weeks, while others are projected to last an entire year or more. This work includes reviewing field notes and surveys from the Government Land Office (GLO) such as Homestead Entry Surveys (HES) and original surveys to establish the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). Field work is then performed based on analysis of this information by a licensed land surveyor. Next, field evidence is recovered and analyzed to establish a boundary solution. The duration of this contract is expected to be 5 years.

RTD FASTRACKS West Corridor, Denver Transit Construction Group - Denver, Colorado

Flatirons and our 8(a) partner, Infinity Solutions, have been contracted to each complete 50% of construction surveying needs on the Fas/Tracks West Corridor Project. This is a 12.1 mile light rail transit corridor between the Auraria West Station in Downtown Denver to the Jefferson County Government Center in Golden, Colorado. This involved staking and/or as-built surveys for bridges, culverts, utilities, grading, walls, rail lines, overhead contact system and rights-of-way.

National Park Service, Intermountain Region (8 State Area)

Flatirons competed with 34 firms nationally for this multi-year IDIQ contract for topographic land surveying and mapping, which began in late 2010. Work completed to date includes Colorado National Monument, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Big Bend National Park and Petrified Forest National Park.

Colorado Division of Wildlife

This was another multi-year contract for surveying of state wildlife areas and property acquisitions. Tasks include the preparation of large area Land Survey Plats and legal research by Flatirons President Edgar T. Bristow, Esq. for the CDOW real property department for the resolution of difficult boundary issues.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal - Colorado

Flatirons provided surveying support for a multiyear site characterization and site closure activities at the former chemical weapons and chemical manufacturing facility for conversion to a national wildlife refuge. Services included boundary, topographic mapping, GPS, easement creation, monitoring, construction, and as builds in an OSHA 40hr environment.

Municipality of Yona, Guam

A crew from Flatirons traveled to Guam to help perform topographic mapping and GPS services over a very large area, under hazardous, tropical conditions. Terrain included jungles, rivers, sawgrass wetlands and coastal areas.